Care Sheet For Scorpion And Tarantula

Here are some link you can find care sheet for your pets
aku google je semua ni, kalau sesiapa ada koleksi care sheet 
bleh la send link kat chatbox aku yer, sharing is caring
Here some info about Malaysian fauna


Makanan untuk ular, tarantula, gecko etc.....

COD at KL around sogo/pertama complex monday-friday lunch hour 12pm-2pm icon_rolleyes.gif
Other than that time COD only at kajang town area until 2 am only rclxm9.gif
NO POSTAGE, COD ONLY notworthy.gif  Total purchase below RM10.00, please come to my 
house at Villa Height Kajang, sms me for address notworthy.gif
sms/call me, Faris-016-6654377

Live Pinkies Rat (1 inch-1.5 inch) RM2.50 each
Fuzzy Rat (2.5 inch-3.5 inch) RM4.00 each
Sub Adult Rat (4inch-5 inch) Rm8.00 each
Adult Rat Rm (6inch-7inch) RM12.00 each
House Gecko RM2.00/head
Live Cricket RM1.00/30 head
***COD (Cash On Delivery)***


Pets For Sale

Cat Eye Gecko - Aeluroscalabotes Felinus
Smooth-backed Flying Gecko- Ptychozoon Lionotum
 Kuhl s Flying Gecko - Ptychozoon kuhlii
  Malays Banded Gecko- Cyrtodactylus pulchellus
Peters Slender Toed Gecko- Cyrtodactylus Consobrinus
Rat/Tikus Putih untuk makanan ular (feeder)
Saiz: 4-5 inch not including tail (More Than Double Adult Mice Size)
RM8.00 Fix Price